Making The World a Little Greener
Another way we do this is by finding unique vintage baskets for our arrangements and we also are willing to spend the time to sit and refurbish items to make them better than new. Items that are helping to reduce carbon footprints are designated as a Go Green product. We are always finding new items to use in our creations. So, check back often to see what we have added.

Also check out Our Blog to see how we make some of these items. And then check our See You There page to see where we are going to be next, because we offer items at craft shows and special events that are not available online. We also have some great sales at a show. 

And don't forget, when you check out, put in the code getitthereonus for free shipping. 

Welcome to BarMon Creations.
We offer a wide variety of products. Each one is handmade and most are one of a kind, which to us means when it is gone; it is gone. It will not be reproduced. The reason for that is half of this team is great with a sewing machine and a paint pen, the other half is great with a glue gun, computer, and a jig saw. We do have some things in common though. 
We are all about reducing carbon foot printing, so many of our items are beautiful, vintage, upcycled items that we have lovingly turned into brand new beautiful items that you can be proud to display in your home. Our latest attempt to reduce those little carbon footprints came about when military seconds fabric was ordered to create our military bibs. The Army and Air Force may not be able to use it, but your little soldier certainly can. There is more than one available, but again, when this rare find of fabric is gone, it is gone. ​
About Our Product Lines
  1. Go Green save planet Earth
    This collection is our pride and joy. We are proud to do our part to reduce carbon foot printing whenever possible.
    Go Green Collection
  2. Hot Chocolate Mug - available in our glassware section.
    This line consists of hand painted glassware and mugs. We also decorate vases and candle holders using a very unique process of leaf transfer. In the end the leaf is not there, but a very pretty replication of the leaf is in its place. A very similar process is used in decorating some of our Christmas ornaments.
    BarMon Exclusive Mugs and Glassware Collection
  3. Bundle of Joy Graphic
    This collection is all about the babies. The bibs are the star of the collection. being either BarMon Exclusives or revamped to work better than the original designs. We also do burp cloths and security tag toys.
    Bundle of Joy Collection
  4. Monet House on Cliff
    This is general Home Decor. It does not contain holiday or specialty merchandise. As always, remember that items over $75 qualify for free shipping.
    Around the House Collection
  5. Center finding of a dream catcher.
    This collection is to be filled with things to set your imagination dreaming. Dream Catchers, wizard wands, candles, fIt is growing, so check back for your inspiration.
    Magical Dreams Collection
  6. What Nots Collection
    This collection contains items that just don't quite fit into any other collection. We could have named it Miscellaneous, but that just wouldn't be in BarMon style.
    What Nots Collection
  7. Triple Scarecrow Wreath
    All of our wreaths in one place. All of BarMon Creations wreaths are one of a kind. You will never find someone else with exactly the same wreath as you, when you purchase from BarMon Creations.
    Wreaths, Wreaths, and More Wreaths Collection
  8. American Flag
    Here at BarMon we are proud to be Americans. Let your patriotism shine through from the wreath on your front door to the bib on the baby.
    My Heart Belongs to America Collection
  9. Wooden Halloween Pumpkin Basket Currently available in the Autumn and Halloween decor section
    This is a seasonal section. It will very large in the fall and very small in the spring. On the other hand, if it is March and you have Halloween in your heart, contact us.
    Autumn and Halloween Home Decor Collection
  10. Halloween Picture
    We have collected all of our Halloween products and put them here so that you do not have to search around for them. There is everything from baby bibs to wreaths in this collection.
    Everything Halloween Collection
  11. Christmas Tree
    We have gathered all of our products together that we think would make terrific Christmas gifts and put them all here.
    Under the Tree Collection
  12. Santa's Bag Collection
    We have gathered all of our products together that we think would make terrific Christmas stocking stuffers and put them all here.
    Santa's Bag Collection
  13. Holly for Holly Days Collection
    This collection contains items for your home. Christmas wreaths, table decor, and unique ornaments. For stocking stuffers, see our Santa's Bag Collection and for gift ideas, see our Under the Tree Collection.
    Dazzling Holly Days Collection

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